Organisation Climate Survey
Training Needs Analysis and Total Training Plan
People Development System
Identification/Development of Managerial Competencies
Strategic Customer Service Management
Strategic Business Plan

Development of Management Capability

Corporate Performance Management System
Competency-Based Employee Performance Management System







What Do You Get ?

  • A Consultant Report on the training needs analysis covering the company's current status, macro organisational issues/concerns and operational issues/concerns, and their implications for training and development at all levels in the organisation.

  • Total Training Plan giving recommendations, outline details of specific training and development programmes and guidelines on effective implementation of the plan.

6M's Approach  




This macro approach seeks on a clear understanding of the organisation's vision/mission/objectives, the nature of its business and the environment within which it operates - and in the process to analyse their implications for management training and development.


This operations-focused approach seeks to identify the gaps between actual and desired performances in the organisation's various operational activities - and from an understanding of their causes to analysis of the implications for management training and development.

Specific methods to be used will include:

  • Examination of relevant corporate information and records
  • Questionnaire surveys
  • Interviews with senior managers and other key staff
  • Focus group discussions on specific issues

How does it benefit your organisation ?

  • Provide an integrated effort in the training and development of staff
  • Reduced training wastage with clear focus on achieving business objectives 

Note: This project engages the consultant to carry out the Training Needs Analysis and develop the organisation's Total Training Plan. Under the People Developer System, the consultant merely develops a system for the organisation to carry out the TNA and develop the TTP.